About Us

Cercana Co-founders, Michelle Bosch, and Misty Gerry could never have known that sharing a box of crackerjack in kindergarten would spark the beginning of their lifelong and devoted friendship.

Both grew up in Santa Barbara and went through elementary and high school together. Michelle went to college at Cal Poly and Misty to UC Berkeley. After college, they both began their careers in San Francisco and ultimately Michelle’s career took her to the east coast and Misty’s to Los Angeles and eventually back to Santa Barbara.

Michelle, the ever-earnest and analytical one of this duo, became Vice President for Enterprise, Holdings, enjoying a 30-year-long career with the company.  Misty, majored in art history, began her career in museum work, moved into decorative arts and design, owned and operated a boutique interior decorating business, and worked for 10 years as curator/general manager for an important American collection of applied and studio works of art.

When their children went off to college, the lifelong pals moved to the Ojai Valley. “Ojai has become our forever home that we love with all our hearts. Our dream of owning a special shop in a special place has come true. We couldn’t be more grateful for our extraordinary local community or for the relationships we’re building with a global community of artists and small batch makers who trust Cercana with the incredible fruits of their labor, their heart-filled missions, and astonishing backstories.”