Colette Cosentino



60″ x 48″

Oil on Canvas



Mermaid Waters

48″ x 72″

Oil on Canvas




9.5′ x 3′

Acrylic on canvas



Beth’s Garden II

30″ x 22″

Printed on Arches Heavy Watercolor paper


About the Artist

The delight of using one’s imagination and the natural world inspires Colette to paint. She approaches her canvases with playful abandon. All is spontaneous.

Colette currently resides with her artist husband in Santa Barbara, CA drawing inspiration from her natural surroundings, her appreciation of historic artwork, and time spent as a theater set painter and a muralist. Colette’s sought-after large-scale paintings are prized for their ethereal and mysterious qualities that harken back to simpler times, as enchanting as they are comforting.

Her paintings transform any environment into a retreat-like space and call upon the elements which surround her, daily – the sea, the sky, and the land. She often says that she is inspired by the idea that something wonderful is about to happen. 

From her childhood, in rural Iowa, to the seaside cove of Santa Barbara, Colette’s artwork invokes the feelings of what it’s like to taste ocean spray on your lips or the experience of running through a field, chasing fireflies, on a summer evening.  

While Colette’s drive to paint is personal, the narratives she creates are intended to captivate the viewer in such a way that they experience their own sort of inspiration.

She has worked with many elite designers through the years with a particular fondness of her collaboration with the extraordinary, John Saladino.

Launched in February of 2021, Cosentino is collaborates with F. Schumacher & Company on an ongoing line of mural-esque wallcoverings.

Her works can also be found gracing the pages of the artist-coveted, Sundance catalog.

After 30 years of creating murals and wall coverings as well as paintings, illustrations and drawings, Cosentino feels as though she is just getting started.

Visit her flagship art studio/gallery, located in downtown Santa Barbara, where she is often sporting a pair of roller skates and sometimes even a ballerina tutu.  There is just something undeniably unique and ethereal about Cosentino and her masterful works of art.